Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Soma Tree
Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Take your teaching to the next level with Karma Tribe Yoga and Soma Tree.

Take Flight!

Take your teaching to the next level. This training is intended for those who are already trained to teach yoga, body movement, fitness, acrobatics, or aerial arts. Soma Tree Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is grounded in the teachings of 8 limbed & vinyasa yoga. ST~AYTT takes flight through an intimate understanding of & relationship with aerial circus arts. This practice lends itself to deepening levels of self exploration and self expression. Teachers will climb to higher heights in strength, flexibility, body awareness, & confidence.


  1. To awaken  passionate & intuitive aerial yoga teaching skills & cultivate curiosity.
  2. To deepen awareness of body, mind, and spirit.
  3. To be introduced to teaching Aerial Yoga from two distinct perspectives, traditional ground yoga & aerial arts, the fusion of transformation and fun.
  4. To develop your personal aerial yoga practice.
  5. To discover how to use your personal practice to inform your teaching.
  6. To use your understanding of the principles and postures of Vinyasa yoga as a foundation for creating & teaching Aerial Yoga Classes.
  7. To gain an understanding of the alignment, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology of Aerial Yoga.
  8. To be able to effectively teach aerial asana, vinyasa, mindfulness, meditation, sacred embodiment, and pranayama related to an aerial yoga practice.
  9. To be capable of creating and holding sacred space for your students to practice in the classroom setting.
  10. To feel confident to safely adjust and position students into correct postures with words and with touch.
  11. To become certified to teach Soma Tree Aerial Yoga and to obtain YAI continuing education credits. 


  • Authentic Voice
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Aerial Yoga
  • Integrating Principles of Yoga ~ Pranayama, Mudra, Mantra, Drishti
  • Asana Using an Aerial Swing
  • Introduction to Therapeutic Aerial Yoga 
  • Personal Practice as Your Greatest Teaching Tool
  • Yoga Philosophy, Ethics, and Lifestyle
  • Sequencing an Aerial Yoga Class
  • Holding Sacred Space
  • Safety & Equipment
  • Assist & Adjust 
  • Practice Teach

Modules and Dates

Module 1

25 hours

August 2, 9, & 16, 2020


Karma Tribe Yoga Downtown/Rivermarket

Module 1 is an introduction to teaching aerial yoga intended to present the art of using the aerial swing as a prop. You will learn principles of aerial movement, basic aerial teaching skills, and yogic technique as it relates to aerial yoga. This module intends to facilitate the development of personal practice and provide a stable foundation for Module 2. 

Module 2

25 hours

Dates TBA


Karma Tribe Yoga Downtown/Rivermarket

In Module 2 we dive deeper into the theory, practice, and teaching of aerial yoga. Learn to use your personal practice as a potent teaching tool, safely adjust aerial asana, and effectively sequence aerial yoga classes. You’ll be introduced to therapeutic and restorative aerial asana and you will get comfortable with our aerial equipment through hands on training. In addition to  expanding your knowledge and understanding of aerial yoga principles, skills, and techniques, you will sequence and teach a unique & informed class. 

Those who complete 50 hours of training and all of the course requirements are given the designation Certified Soma Tree Aerial Yoga Teacher. 

Course Requirements

1.) Attendance is mandatory! Be on time! Be present!

2.) On Your Own

           a)Aerial Yoga Classes: Participate in 3 in-person or on-line aerial yoga classes per module. 6 classes total for the whole 50 hour training. 

    1. Keep a transformation journal about your expanding aerial yoga practice. Please include entries each time you practice for 3 personal practice sessions per module. That is a total of 6 entries to complete your 50 hours of training. Your personal practice is a portal into deeper understanding of body, mind, spirit.
    2. Teach your first Aerial Yoga class. You will have the opportunity to practice teach all throughout the training. Upon completion you will have enough practice, experience, and confidence to teach what you’ve learned to another.

3.) Certification

           a) Take and pass an exam over the essential material

           b) Pass In-person Assessment

           c)  Pay in full

           d) Receive your certificate upon completion of all requirement


*Please note that teachers should be cpr certified on your own time.

*First Aid certification is also recommended


Module 1 or 2
(25 hrs)

$250 Down-Payment due upon acceptance into the training

$700 Full Price

$600 If Paid in Full (by 1 month before training)

Module 1 and 2
(50 hrs)

$500 Down-Payment due upon acceptance into the training

$1400 Full Price

$1111 If Paid in Full (by 1 month before training)

*Payment Plans Available

Officially enroll and pay your down payment to reserve your spot. Space is limited. First come, first served. 

About Soma Tree Aerial Yoga:


Soma Tree Aerial Yoga is a hybrid yoga practice which combines traditional yoga asana (poses) & vinyasa (flow), performance based aerial hammock technique, general aerial acrobatic principles of balance and movement, and aerial conditioning exercises to provide you with a unique, challenging, and evolving new practice. Aerial yoga classes can range from gentle and restorative to very demanding and intense thus making Aerial Yoga suitable for people of all levels of experience and physical ability. Aerial Yoga provides the following benefits and more…

Decompression and Alignment of the Spine, Strengthening and Lengthening of the Body, Upper Body Strengthening, Core Strengthening, Improved Balance, Body Awareness & Proprioception, Increased Spatial Intelligence, Relieving Stress and Anxiety, Increased Self Confidence, Authentic Self Expression, Makes Asana Accessible, Is Fun & Challenging for ALL Skill Levels

Your Aerial Yoga Teacher/Trainer:


Katie Tree E-RYT 200/RYT 500  is a Midwest yogi and acrobat who is committed to empowerment, transformation, and authentic-self-expression through inspired movement. Tree is a skilled and supportive circus & yoga teacher. She is a passionate performer and a producer of artistic, uplifting, and healing events. 

Currently Tree is in training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy specializing in joint hypermobility and trauma informed yoga therapy. Her current projects include; Self – Care for Acrobats and Yogis, Yoga Energetics, Yoga Buddies Partner Yoga and Soma Tree Aerial Yoga teacher training. Trees teaching style is encouraging and fun and inspires confidence in her students. 

Tree is a teacher of aerial and acrobatic arts at Voler Aerial Academy and heads up Midwest Aerialists, an event and performance company. Teaching challenging skills and giving students an opportunity to showcase them is her mission. “Each time we transcend what has previously limited us, we prove to ourselves that we are capable of anything,” says Tree, “the sky is no longer the limit.” 

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