Yoga at the Riverfront

w/ Lauren Leduc

 Wednesday, August 1st| 6:30 pm-7:30 pm

FREE, donations welcome 🙂

** Please Sign-Up Here in Advance**

 This course is an all level Vinyasa flow class. Accessible for newbies, but still challenging for experienced yoga practitioners. Challenge your mind, body, and spirit in a fun and engaging course.

All courses are free to the public, we do encourage you to support your trainers and yogis if you are so inclined.

Yoga and Hiking @ Shawnee Mission Park

w/ Sedona Alvarez

 Sunday, August 5th| 10:00 am-11:30 am

Suggested Donation: $20-25

** Please Sign-Up Here in Advance**

Sedona Alvarez has developed Yoga + Hiking for adventurous yogis who are ready to think outside the studio. Travel with us to a new destination each month to explore your inner and outer worlds. Discover hidden gems in your own backyard while making lasting connections within your yoga community.

Forest Therapy (immersion into restorative environments) has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and relieve mental fatigue. Stepping away from the endless buzz of our modern world to tune in with ourselves and nature can be profoundly healing. Join us for our next all levels Yoga + Hiking excursion to decompress and create more balance in every facet of life. You’ll feel recharged and deeply connected to your intuitive self.

Things to know:

-Please pre-register online through or eventbrite.

-Please use discernment when considering bringing children or pets

-Come fed and hydrated (bring a water bottle)

-Wear appropriate footwear (tennis shoes or hiking boots are recommended)

-Bring your yoga mat

-Sunscreen and bug repellant are always good to have

-Please drive ON TIME, we always begin our hike promptly at 10am and finish up at 11:30.

Find directions and stay connected by joining our Facebook group, Yoga + Hiking with Sedona Alvarez

Women’s Class: Nurturing Mind, Body & Soul

w/ Lisa Lola

 Saturday, August 18th| 12:30 pm-3:00 pm

Suggested Donation: $45-50

** Please Sign-Up Here in Advance**

Interested in learning more about energy and how to connect your Mind, Body and Soul?

Join Lisa Lola, Energy Healer and Mind/Body/Soul enthusiast, for a class of Energetic Connection, Clarity and Empowerment.

In this class you will receive and learn simple tools to assist you in:

  • How to integrate and balance the Mind, Body, Soul connection
  • Clearing and protecting your energy
  • Energetic boundaries
  • A closing mindful meditation

The intention for this class is to experience the individual magnetism that happens when we connect authentically to our Whole Selves – Mind, Body & Soul – and the energetic reflection that occurs collectively as a group.

The greater our connection to ourSelves, the greater our ability and capacity to create the lives we wish to live and be of service to those we love.

This class is great for MBS novices or those working on developing their connection to themselves.


Saturday, August 18th from 1230-3pm

Suggested Donation: $45-50

Bring Water, Journal & Pen

Headstand Clinic

w/ Lauren Leduc

 Saturday, August 25th| 1:00 pm-3:00 pm

Suggested Donation: $25

** Please Sign-Up Here in Advance**

Make 2018 your year to flip your perspective! Lauren Leduc will safely guide you with caring instruction on your journey to be comfortably upsidedown.

The workshop will include strengthening and stretching excersises to prepare your body, followed by precise instruction with the aid of props and hands-on assists in supported headstand, tripod headstand, and other variations.

Complete headstand novices and experienced practioners alike welcome!

Contraindications include high blood pressure, chronic or acute neck pain, cervical spine instability, glaucoma and other eye problems and osteoperosis.