Lauren Leduc, E-RYT 200
Lauren Leduc, E-RYT 200Founder, Teacher
Lauren is a dedicated yoga teacher and entrepreneur with the unique gift of cultivating connection and community. She believes that yoga is beneficial to everyone and is passionate about creating accessible experiences and opportunities for students to find a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them.

Lauren has a fun, challenging, intelligent, and present teaching style loved by thousands of students. After completing her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 through Frog Lotus Yoga, Lauren began teaching public classes and workshops within the community of Kansas City. In 2015, Lauren founded Pop-Up Yoga KC, which creates donation-based yoga events drawing hundreds of students. Upon the success of Pop-Up Yoga KC, Lauren created Karma Tribe Yoga, Kansas City’s Premiere Non Profit and Donation-Based Yoga Studio. In 2016, Lauren was voted “Best Yoga Instructor” by Pitch Weekly Readers, taught multiple workshops, led yoga retreats in Mexico, Thailand, and Bali, and moved Karma Tribe Yoga to its beautiful new location in Midtown, Kansas City.

Recently, Lauren earned a certification in Thai Yoga Bodywork, completed the first module of Advanced Teacher Training through Frog Lotus Yoga, and was hired as head teacher for Yoga Buzz Kansas City. She stays connected with her students and community through her current offerings and is currently planning upcoming retreats, Karma Tribe Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and Heartland Yoga Festival.

Sedona Alvarez
Sedona AlvarezTeacher
Sedona teaches real yoga for real people. She received her 200 hr RYT in the Spring of 2013 through LifePower Yoga. With roots in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin, she leads classes of all types to all levels of practitioners. Her main focus as a teacher is not to instruct, but to guide. Her classes are challenging and engaging on all levels. Known for her creative sequencing that encourages exploration, her classes will help you to lighten up in all areas of life.

With a BFA in Design from The University of Kansas, Sedona balances a career in the arts along side yoga. She teaches painting and works both individually and collaboratively on a multitude projects spanning from installations to music videos. Her mission through both art and yoga is to bring people together and to inspire others to become their best selves. She encourages you to come as you are, learn, laugh, explore and evolve.

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Dr. Matt Turner
Dr. Matt TurnerTeacher
Dr. Matt Turner is a healer and teacher who believes in teaching others how to heal themselves. He believes each person has the power to heal and transform his or her lives through the understanding and awareness of one’s consciousness. He meditated for the first time as a teenager and life would never be the same. As Matt began pursuing his spiritual path many people told him he would be a healer and teacher. After a few years of resistance, he found his way to Delphi University, nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, to fine tune his intuitive abilities and discover his heart and passion. Since graduating with a doctorate in metaphysics, he pursued his healing and teaching path as a career. He dedicates his life to opening his heart and assisting others in doing the same. Meditation remains the foundation of Matt’s personal practice and filters into the many different things he does in his work with others. It is his goal to teach meditation to as many people as possible to create a greater opportunity for Love in the world.
Lisa Thuer
Lisa ThuerTeacher
My passion for social justice led me to pursue a career in social work. There I was honored with the opportunity to work with diverse groups of women and girls who have fully experienced dehumanization, exploitation, and oppression. In an effort to alleviate the injustices of the world, I found myself living with vicarious trauma, stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

Although I worked to maintain balance through marathon running, spinning and high intensity training, I realized I was not cleansing my body of trauma and stress.

I no longer wanted pain to be part of my story so, I found a new path in yoga practice. Along the way yoga began to heal my body, mind and soul!

When teaching yoga I aspire to empower students cultivating a mind -body- prana connection. My vinyasa flow tends to be luscious and juicy, allowing students space to build heat (fire) and burn what isn’t working, essentially strengthening, grounding and creating space for love and solace.

Release, spread love and relish in the sweetness of life! Namaste

Lisa currently holds 200 RYT, Personal Training, Tabata & Spinning Instructor Certifications

Grace Duckworth
Grace DuckworthTeacher
My yoga journey began in 2003, and it transformed my thinking about who I am and what I can accomplish. The first time I walked into class I couldn’t “do” any of it, but I knew it was just what I needed. I have practiced consistently ever since.

As someone who suffered from depression and anxiety, Grace spent much of her time in her late teens and early twenties trying to find mental health through physical activity. Whether it be lifting weights, running or taking a fitness class; she didn’t care as long as it got her body moving. While finishing her associates in arts she decided to take yoga classes for credit, which led her onto the path of eventually becoming a teacher.

Once she stepped onto a mat and into her practice she said, “It was like being introduced to the universe. I never understood the vastness that existed until I found yoga. It completely answered any question that I’ve ever had in this life.” Over time, with consistency, she learned that yoga wasn’t something to “be done” but rather a lifestyle to “be lived”.

Through her own personal studies and in depth training at the Shoshoni Yoga Ashram, in Rollinsville Colorado, Grace has gained the knowledge to make a living as a yoga teacher. Over time she found her personal style by blending tradition with modern science and now spends her time sharing this unique approach with students in studios across the Kansas City area as well as in workshops and retreats in various locations.
Shoshoni Yoga Ashram 1400 Shoshoni Camp Road Rollinsville, CO 80474

Megan Hettich
Megan HettichTeacher
I fell in love with yoga the first day I took a class in KC. After moving from South Dakota to KC in 2010, I decided to sign up for the Hospital Hill Half Marathon tokeep myself busy, while getting acquainted with a new city. Through my training, I had little body awareness and pushed things too far on many of my runs, leaving me in constant pain. Thankfully, a colleague suggested incorporating yoga as part of my training during my off days. This was a game changer. After injuring my hip flexor from overuse, I could barely walk like a normal person. There were 2 weeks left before race day. Since I couldn’t run, I figured it was the smartest time to give yoga a try. My body felt the difference immediately. Muscles that were locked up slowly opened & healed, so I was able to complete my half marathon by race day. Since then, I’ve hung up my running shoes and dedicated myself to yoga.

While continuing to practice, I began to realize, it wasn’t just the physical benefits I was reaping. Stress and anxiety from a crazy travel work life started to lessen, as I learned how to take yoga off my mat. It’s shaped me into my truer self, allowing negative storylines and habits to slowly fade away. Every day brings a new challenge and lesson on how to practice the 8 limbs of yoga. It’s something that will be a lifelong journey and ever evolving. That’s the beauty of this practice.

Since I love teaching people, as I’m a software trainer in video production, I knew I wanted to combine my two passions, teaching & yoga. I waited for the right timing and place to find me, which it did, by recommendation of a wonderful yogi friend. I booked my flight for February 2016 and arrived at the Maui Yoga Shala in Paia, Hawaii. My amazing teachers lead me through their 200 hour RYS program, where I learned so much more about yoga, as well as more about myself.

I’m beyond grateful that I’m able to share this practice with others. I love seeing the energy of unique, different people coming together to breathe, to move, to connect and to be present.

Lisa Lola
Lisa Lola Teacher
Lisa Lola provides energetic balancing and supportive services to assist individuals along their own spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical journey’s. Lisa’s purpose is to help people heal themselves so they are free to power-fully choose and live the life they desire.

From the time Lisa was a young child she has been an empathic individual. Picking up on the pain and suffering of others, however never knowing what she was doing or what to do with all the hardship she felt. At the end of college Lisa found herself in deep depression after the loss of a very close family member and friends, and was ready for life to end. She developed an eating disorder to help her cope with the loss of control in her life, which just made matters worse. Anxiety ensued and for a long time Lisa struggled to get herself back into balance. Swinging from one extreme to another and perfectionism always looking over her shoulder, life was not going okay at all. Insomnia made for many sleepless nights, and low energy made for many dark days.

In 2011 Lisa joined a spiritual community and by 2013 began to dip her toe in energy work. After trying about every self-help program or reading endless books on depression and eating disorders, Lisa was introduced to the healing powers of energy therapy. What started as a mere interest in healing from her own trauma and tragedy, turned into helping others heal themselves, and Lisa Lola Healing Arts was formed.

Lisa assists others in healing deep emotional wounds, heartache, destructive mental thoughts, physical trauma, relationship distress, or those looking for spiritual communication and guidance. She helps people connect to their energetic body and spirit realm, open their consciousness, and expand their relational field.

Lisa offers and combines a list of services that has been shown to support people in their own healing though chakra balancing, channeling, access bars consciousness, guided meditation, journal clearing exercises, and essential oil massage. Lisa believes no matter how broken we think and feel we are, their is hope for healing. We are all extensions of God, we just need to get back into alignment with our Source Creator.

Amy Rader
Amy RaderTeacher
Amy Rader loves to laugh, read, write, and most of all – teach yoga. She has been teaching yoga since 2007, but she believes she became a “true” yoga teacher when she graduated from Emily Darling’s 200 hour training in 2014. Since then, she has taught well over 1,000 hours of yoga, has completed a second 200 RYT with international teacher Max Strom, and is currently completing her 500 RYT with the magic maker Sianna Sherman. Her background as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, and her Master’s degree in Kinesiology informs her practical approach to yoga, but she infuses practicality with the mystical and magical and truly believes that all humans can yoga. She believes yoga offers deep transformation, but also believes in not taking it too seriously.

Amy is the founder of Yoga for Humans, a social media campaign that celebrates the reality of instagram yoga. Yoga for Humans showcases the falls, the fails, and the fabulously flawed yoga practitioners. Connect with her on her facebook page, Yoga for Humans with Amy Rader, and find her weekly musings at her website,, where you’ll also find her weekly teaching schedule and photos of her domestic animal herd.

Sammi Mallett
Sammi MallettTeacher
Sammi Mallett moved to Kansas City from Brooklyn, NY in 2015 and after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, is very grateful to be getting back to teaching. Sammi comes to KC with over a decade of teaching experience. Having discovered the world of yoga from a background of gymnastics & kung fu, like many New Yorkers, her style was born from a metropolitan melting pot of yoga variety.
The result is a revitalizing, focused, challenging, breath centered, intelligent, & sweaty vinyasa flow thoughtfully sequenced with a playful approach to the more difficult postures. These offerings are open to anyone who wishes to deepen their practice by working towards an inner harmony that can only come from realigning the delicate balance of body, mind, and spirit.
Hilari Gray
Hilari GrayTeacher
Hilari took her first yoga class in 2007 while in college. She immediately noticed how much lighter, calmer, and clearer she felt after the class. She continued to take classes at various studios and gyms throughout the next several years. In 2015, she began practicing at a studio that propelled her to explore yoga on a deeper level than she had in the past, and to eventually become a 200-hour certified yoga instructor through the Kansas City Yoga Teacher Training program.

Hilari is also a Middle-School Counselor and is drawn to anything that heals people, allowing them to live fuller and happier lives. She leads many of her middle school students through mindfulness and meditation practices so that they can better cope with the difficulties of adolescence. Hilari truly believes in the Yoga Sutra that states, “Yoga is to still the fluctuations of the mind,” and incorporates that into all of her classes, along with a sense of humor that makes the class welcoming and enjoyable.

Same Megraw
Same MegrawTeacher
Sam graduated with her 200-hour certification in Vinyasa Yoga in February of 2017 from Stephanie Snyder at Love Story Yoga in San Francisco, California. With roots in Ashtanga, Sam has developed a passion for safely guiding her students, offering philosophy and dharma with the physical poses to help students achieve a well rounded practice both physically and mentally. Her teachers and influences are Marti Lee Bowen, Stephanie Snyder, Jason Crandall, Lauren Leduc, and others. With a consistent practice since 2011, Sam offers strategic and fun sequencing with well-tailored playlists.

Her love story with yoga has been one of injury, healing and better mental and emotional health, experiencing decreased anxiety and depression. Before yoga, Sam felt she was missing her career purpose. As often occurs in yoga, she began to do the work, and received a clearer vision, becoming inspired to share her journey and the teachings that so profoundly saved her. When she’s off the mat, she’s chasing her nieces and nephews, raising Monarch butterflies and gardening with her husband Rob.